Suicide: society or personal? Where reasons lie

Suicide: Personal or Society
where does the problem lie?

My interest in the issue came in mid 90s reading about suicides as part of sociology and psychology. later in 1997 I was part of a study to understand why there are more suicides among farmers and weavers in cotton supply chain and since then working very closely on this issue.
Anyone who want to understand the issue has to read Emile Durkhiem treatise on suicide which written in 1897 mainly based on rapid rise in suicides after industrial revolution. While suicide is an individual act, certainly the roots lie in the’s loss of confidence that no one can solve their problem that triggers.there are other forms of suicides which we can discuss later..if we understand this..much of the problems can be prevented and resolved…else post facto treatments, counseling will be of little use.
1. Stop creating inferiority complexes in children as they grow..don’t ever say u r dark, you are r thin, you are fat…u don’t look good…u r not intelligent, u cannot succeed…
2. Don’t create false targets ..u have get JEE or a US visa…or find a good top earning bridegroom…or your cotton crop shud get 25 quintals yield or getting a heroine role in coveted directors film.
3. Every individual is different and their way of dealing with themselves or others vary. Understand that in how you behave with others.
4. Don’t thrust anything on individuals or organisations to do certain things based on your understanding or ideology. Let them do what they are good at or think about it. You can give suggestions…don’t try to fight. You can do what you like…don’t expect others to do what u like. If you cannot fit into an organisation just leave…don’t argue, fight and get frustrated (this is not about workplace rights remeber). Any frustration will only kill you not others…if you strongly feel there are other ways of doing..move out and do it. Just have trust that others also have same commitment and thinking as you have
5. Be surrounded by positive people. Try to engage more with constructive alternatives…than just critisising what is going wrong. This is not to say ignore problems…saying try to understand and resolve or work with someone and collectivised your strength.
6. Others trust you as much as you trust them…
7. Stop being judgemental…and assess people based on stereotypes…it doesn’t matter if someone cannot be rajmouli or sonu sood.
8. We behave based on what we think about what others are thinking about us…a looking glass self. So inferiority complex, self pity all arises from there. Roots lie in what society, school and family told them as child, as student, as a person.
If u have a problem don’t hesitate to talk about them…and find a mentor who can handhold you out.
Lastly, farmers are not different species they are will have all these issues and reasons…certainly the economic distress aggravates the stop judging..start understanding..not only others but yourself too.