Agriculture scientist currently working with Centre for Sustainable Agriculture working for ecological and economical sustainability of farming and farming based livelihoods.

Author of many articles and reports on Agriculture

Earlier worked with Indian Council of Agricultural Research as Scientist at Directorate of Oilseeds Research from August 1996 to November, 2003

Earlier selection Indian Revenue Service 1995 Batch.


 Ph.D in Agricultural Extension: from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi in 1993-1996

M.Sc (Ag) in Agricultural Extension: from Agricultural College, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University 1990-1992

B.Sc (Ag) in Agricultural Extension:  from Agricultural College, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University 1986-1990

11 Thoughts to “About me”

  1. Rohan Mandala

    Hey sir, this is Rohan Goud. From Woxsen school of arts and design. To remind you, I have called you few weeks ago and you schedule our visit to centre of sustainable agriculture to 14th of this month (tomorrow) so could we know the time when should we reach by. And venu.

    You can contact me at
    91 8374221879

    Thank you.

  2. Rishi Nandi

    Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for the work you are doing. I myself also think the same way you think. The farmers in India and there situation. Sir I am Btech in Automobile but I like to pursue my interest in growing healthy Food for our Country. Can I be of any help 🙏 to you or to your organization. If so Sir then do like to know how and spread the good work you are doing.

    Rishi Nandi

    1. Thanks rishi nandi
      We can work together. let me know your area of interest and initially u can work as volunteer/intern so that you will know about our work more. more details about our work at we also organise regularly training programs etc at

  3. Dr Parul Agarwal

    Dear Shri Ramanjaneyulu,
    I came upon your video on food on our plate by chance. I am glad I did. My father who is 81 years old has a farm in Badlapur in Maharashtra. He has around 400 cashew trees and 40 mango trees on his farm. Since the past 2-3 years his cashew trees are severely affected by tea mosquito. He doesn’t know what to do. Also since past 2 years , mangoes are stricken with mango hopper insects.
    Kindly suggest ways to deal with these infestations in an organic way.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Dr. Parul thanks for contacting. we can help with that. there are pest and disease management practices in these crops which you get as books from
      We also have a android application called pestoscope on google play which be downloaded and used to get info on organic pest management.

  4. I came across your video on food on our plate by chance. It was so influencing, as a responsible citizen of our country we should know the value of food. And that’s why we as a NSS team started a project “Feeding bellies”. To influence our new volunteers how just lost or didn’t able to connect with our organization. So we are going to organise a webinar on importantce of food on food day. And we would like to invite you as the keynote speaker of the webinar.

    1. sure i would be happy to do that. do write to me details

  5. danda harsha

    Hello ramanjaneyulu sir ,
    I am Harsha Danda , i work a US based firm here in hyderabad. I am very much inspired by your work and i would love to have a word with you one on one regarding the financial development model of the farmers in our country. I am right now working on a project which could be of huge benifit to the farmers if taken on a large scale. Please provide me of a chance to have a word with you.


    Please feel free to reach out to me and and i can promise a revolutionary change in the way farmers make money in our country.

    1. dear harsha
      please do let me no the details. my email is and you can contact me on 9000699702

  6. S. S. Rao

    I have a small farm of 3 acre, in Karanja (Ghadge), Distt:Wardha, Maharashtra. Purchased in 2019. I wish to do oraganic farming. Getting labour for farming is big problem here. The well in farm has moderate water. Please guide me how to convert black cotton soil chemical farm to organic farming.
    S. S. Rao

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